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I'm building a sub 1k$ gaming build. I can get the price around 1k with an i5-4570 and a Zotac 770. I can get the build AT LEAST 100$-150$ cheaper if I opt for the FX-8320 CPU (priced now at 130$)

My main question is: Will my gaming performance be enough of an increase with the i5 to justify paying the extra money? I have been seeing benchmarks of all different types and results so I haven't been able to find a clear answer. I understand the i5 is a more powerful CPU, as well as more expensive. Some people say I won't notice a difference. Some say I will get 10-20% better gaming frame-rates, and some even say 40-60% better. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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    Frame wise its all based on the game and how optimized for PC it is.

    Generally they are very close in gaming performance but in some games, each CPU will pull ahead of one another.

    The FX 8320 is a good option, you can overclock them to FX 8350 speeds and higher.
  2. Thank you! Another quick question: If I'm keeping the FX-8320 stock, will a 212 EVO fan keep the CPU cool enough or should I employ liquid cooling? I heard the AMD CPUs run a little on the hot side.
  3. The 212 will keep it cool at stock but it would probably run into problems at you start to overclock due to the size of it ( usually over 4GHz would start getting fairly hot).

    Also make if you do overclock, make sure you get a decent mobo and power supply so that they can support the extra load.
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