Laptop won't load windows normally or in safe mode

I've been using a Toshiba Satelite C650D laptop, but today it won't load windows... One of two things can happen(Randomly):

1. Everything loads up fine up to the windows "Welcome" sceeen, but then it gets stuck there. The spinning thing beside "Welcome" still spins, but it stays there forever.

2. After the windows loading screen goes away, the screen goes black, and stays black.

Any ideas whats up? I've checked the RAM, that shouldn't be the problem unless they've both died simultaneously. Would a reformat and reinstall fix this? Reformatting wouldn't be a huge deal, so if it's the easiest solution, thats ok.

Also, on a side note, the hinges on my laptop are being kind of weird. Like they making a cracking sound when you open/close the laptop lid, and they move up and down, as if they aren't properly screwed in. Is this an easy fix for someone experienced with desktops, low-medium experience with laptops?

Thanks a bunch guys :D
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    Sounds like a Windows OS issue or some driver issue. However, Safe Mode technically means only generic things are running so if Safe Mode won't load, you have an OS issue. Your best two options are:

    1) Either reformat and reinstall Windows (best option since this assumes you are installing a fresh copy of Windows, and not the bloatware that comes with the laptop, but also requires you have the drivers for all laptop components).


    2) You can do a factory restore. Most laptops have that option. This will wipe out everything you have and will lay down the laptop as if you just purchased it.

    Either way, back up your important documents, pictures, etc. to a DVD/CD disc, to a different computer or some other component other than the laptop in case everything gets wiped out. If it's an OS issue (which is what it sounds like), reformatting and reinstalling Windows or doing a factory restore should fix it.
  2. I ended up reformatting, all fixed now! Thanks!
  3. sweet :)
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