What graphics card setup should I use for a 1440p 3 monitors surround?

So yeah I was looking for graphics cards for a 1440p surround setup. I've looked online and I've gotten answers ranging from 1 GTX titan to 4 GTX titans. How many of what should I get to at least be able to run Arma 3 all maxed out while still getting at least 30 fps? I plan on using the I7-4770k as the CPU for the build. I want a GPU setup that would allow me to use for a while without the need to replace it any time soon in the future. Thanks for the help guys!
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  1. Knowing the specifications of your computer would help. You do want a video card with at least 3gb of vram so a GTX 780Ti , GTX 780 or a single Titan would work. From AMD a 280x or 290x would work.

    You would never need four Titans or even three.
  2. Oh sorry I edited my question a bit"
  3. 780ti sli
  4. 780ti 6b or sli for more horsepower. 2 r9 290x should also do d trick. The choice is urs now
  5. Ok so just to make sure I am understanding what I am hearing/reading, I should get 2 GTX 780ti for a 3 monitor 1440p gaming setup?
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    The GTX 780Ti is not the only card that can run three monitors at 1440p , two GTX 770 with 4gb vram each will do the same thing. Getting two 780Ti's is the top setup that you can get and the most expensive. You may try one 780Ti to see what you get for performance and then it your not satisfied get another. The 770 4gb is not a second rate card and neither is the regular 780.
  7. either crossfire 290's or sli 780's. the 290's will beat the 780's in that high of resolution and end up cheaper but will likely require no less than 850w power supply for the system... higher if you have high cpu/gpu overclocks and a top tier cpu like an 8350/4670k. personally with that much power and a 4770k you would want a 1000w power supply.
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