Dell Optiplex 380 CPU fan spinning too fast

The cpu fan on my optiplex 380 recently started to spin at max speed. The temperature is 30-50 degrees Celsius. It is really loud and SpeedFan doesn't let me configure it.

Other temperatures:

HD0: 25C
CPU 1:34C
CPU 2: 33C
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    Well this is a predicament. First I would try completely turning off and unplugging your computer. Then carefully blow out all of the dust in the computer and in the case fans. There may be dust that could be causing the inside of your PC to overheat, making your cpu fan speed go up. If that doesnt work then it could be the cpu fan malfunctioning, which youll probably have to buy a new one. Good luck!
  2. Thanks Micah713, I did what you said and the fan is spinning slower. There wasn't a lot of dust in the case, but it caused the fan to make noise.
  3. No problem, good to hear that fixed it. Always glad to help :)
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