New £200 graphics card or two £40 Graphics Cards Crossfire


I'm currently running an AMD 8350 with a 6870 Radeon card.
Christmas is coming up so I hope to upgrade my GPU.

My thoughts are that, I could buy a new Radeon 7770 card around £150, or I could get another 6870 for about £50 and run them in Crossfire with eachother. I want to know which would enhance my graphics performance the most, you could recommend a new card (under £200 though).
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  1. I think the 6870 would add more performance, but cf does not work in all games.
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    For that amount of money you're better off with a HD 7870, R9 270/270x or GTX 760.


    Some more:

    GTX 760:

    All of them are only about a few hundred km/h faster than the 7770.
  3. hd 7870=r9 270=r9 270x FYI. Same chip.
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