Point of solid state hard drive?

Hi all, my brother keeps telling me what I want to buy is a solid state drive, and install windows on it to make my computer run super quickly. Could someone quickly explain the benefits and what the point of the drives are? Thanks!
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  1. The benefits are increased load times of files and increased write times of files. The disadvantage is high price per GB of storage and less of a life span. It will not increase game performance any at all just file loading and writing.
  2. There are no moving parts in an SSD. The read and write rates are far higher than with a conventional HDD, but the price is higher too.

    Installing the operating system on the SSD will allow the machine to boot up faster, but it won't make your programs run any faster. Although if you don't have much system memory, you may see an increase in performance.
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    Ssds actually last longer. Tests show 20+ years on modern ssds, which is a whole lot longer than 5 yrs of a hdd.

    Along with read/write speed, don't forget access times, that's really what results in the snappiness. The faster loading can also eliminate stutter in games which load while moving around; common in large world games or where the level isn't preloaded. Although since hdd bottlenecks have been around so long most games have ways to try to prevent it. It just bothers me when I can see the lower detail model because it hasn't loaded the higher one yet which has happened a few times playing ac4 among other games.
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