Low Profile Graphics Card. Can't find one that will fit

Hello Community,

I have a friend who has a hp slimline pavilion s5-1224. The dimensions for the card case show 13.33 cm (5.25 inch)
8.89 cm (3.5 inch)

Every card I'm finding for low profile are showing 6"s or more. Anyone know of a low profile card that will fit this case? Thanks,

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  1. This looks pretty short, but not sure on the exact measurements.
  2. What about a HD 7750 Low Profile? its pretty small, and its a good card
  3. Guess I should mention that it will only be used to run a tv for things like Youtube, etc. What hes missing is a hdmi port. So just looking for a card that can manage pandora, youtube etc nothing fancy. Nothing that would "hopefully" require an upgrade in the psu. I know it may come to that regardless but would like not to.

    Just can't find a card under the specs of the case. Everything seems like it's short enough, just to wide? If that makes sense. But I like both cards mentioned.
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    The HD 7750 has a mini HDMI port, and Sapphire does give a Mini HDMI to HDMI adapter, so you could check it out, but I don't know how well it can run on a TV though
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