Rate My Build for 1st timer with $600 Budget

CPU: AMD FX-8320
CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 Plus
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3P
RAM: G. Skill Sniper 8GB 1600mhz
Video Card: GTX 670 Mini
Case: Cooler Master RC-430 Elite
Power Supply: 750w modular
SSHD: Momentus XT Hybrid 500GB

I managed to get all these parts for under $600 with black friday deals. I got BF4, Splinter Cell Blacklist ,and AC4 for with with them. This is my first build. Can I run these game above 70+ fps. I plan to overclocked my CPU and GPU
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  1. you can get 60+ fps with that build if you OC and stick to mid to mid-high settings but not on ultra
  2. Normally a normal length 670 would be cheaper, but idk what deal you got, and a 750w psu is overkill unless you plan to sli
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    That looks like a very solid build for $600. Good job on using sales! The only thing that bugs me is the low quality case, but with that performance at the price it's still a fantastic build. You should be able to get ultra settings on any game, but maybe not with anti-aliasing on. Maybe some of the higher games you'll have to change some things to high, but still amazing for the price.

    What is the brand and model of the psu?
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