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New to PC gaming, troubles with poor performance?

Last response: in Video Games
December 7, 2013 9:09:07 PM

I recently puchased an ASUS G74S gaming laptop with the following specs: Intel Core i7-2630QM 2.0Ghz Quad-core, 12 Gb RAM, and a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560M. Im playing games like Counter Strike: GO and Blacklight Retribution but i get completely god awful framerate in both. I have the lowest quality settings on the games but i still manage to average about 20 fps... im assuming thats poor for the average PC gamer, cause it makes it pretty unplayable. Any suggestions on whats the downfall of my setup? Im curious if the fix would be something as simple as upgrading my video card... Any help would be appreciated.
December 7, 2013 9:57:20 PM

with newer laptop today that do gaming they have to video cards. the intel ipgpu and nvidia or amd. in the laptop bios you have to change the power setting to max to keep the laptop in a game using the nvidia gpu also with some laptops if your a hard core gaming they turn off the intel video chipset in the bios and leave on the nvidia or amd chipset only.

Best solution

December 7, 2013 10:04:19 PM

The specs are good enough to run CS GO at least on Medium with at least 60 or more FPS . You can try to Google about your problems because that looks like an good enough gaming laptop. BTW you can Asus Support because it looks like a problem with the manufacturing and also try to re-install windows and install the latest drivers from this link -
It looks like a problem with any of those thing not your build or your BIOS might be corrupted.