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I have done hours upon hours of research, and can't find much of anything out there that exactly answers my questions, so I figured I would ask the experts. My small business is renting a new office with 5,000 square feet and I would like to setup our wireless network. There are about 9 offices in it, so obviously it has a lot of walls. I have about 15 active users on the network at all times, but a couple times per month we have staff meetings and can have up to 50 people on the network at the same time. We would like to also provide guest access to our customers. In the field we are in, we should have a decent firewall as well. Do you have any suggestions on what firewall, switcher, and access points to use? Also, how many access points do you suggest me getting? I would also like to keep the finances as limited as possible, but I do understand it can get expensive. Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. With that many users and a complex configuration wireless will be a huge challenge using consumer level equipment. I would strongly suggest that you get a local local design and implementation expert to give you a layout and estimate.
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