Intel Core i7-3770K Vs Intel Core i5-4670K which one is better and faster?

Hi guys, I am choosing between the Intel Core i7-3770K and the Intel Core i7-4670K, I want to know which would be better because the Intel Core i7 is the 3rd Gen and the i5 is the 4th Gen, I want to get a GTX 770 Video Card, any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
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  1. I prefer the 3770K over the 4670K because of the speed - either or are great CPU's though
  2. Well thebpost says i7 on the 4670k, but the answer is the 3770k will win, granted its not by much and its more expensive. But the efficiency of haswell wont overcome the hyperthreading in modern apps. However i guess the 4670k would be faster in anything using4 threads or less
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    Even though i5-4670 is 4th gen CPU but then also i7-3770k is better than i5-4670k.
    Here are some benchmarks of the performence between those two CPUs :

    And here it seems like i7-3770 is better than i5-4670k in gaming as i7-3770k can run most of the games at ultra settings where i5 cant.
    Look Here :
  4. If you're going to use the 770 then I suggest getting the I7 as it's faster then the I5 but not by much. What I would do in your situation is go for the i5 because It's a lot cheaper and not that much slower and use the 100 dollars or so saved to buy a 780 and then you'll have a monster of a machine.
  5. If you get the 3770K, watch the cooling though - it runs VERY warm compared the the Sandy CPU's
  6. If you are buying new, the 4670k will give you a lot more bangs per buck.
    Any i5 is better value than its i7 counterpart unless you get a special deal because hyperthreading can
    never make more than iro 13% difference and thats in ideal situations.
    The i7's are the top of the range and aimed at people who are loaded. The i5 you point out is later and more efficient than the i7 as well. Off the top of my head, the i7 needs an £98 decrease in price to become a viable choice.
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