Time to step my game up. What direction to take?

My first AMD a10 5800k build has been serving me well for over a year now, but my dad came to me saying I should build a home/family PC. Figured it was a good time to upgrade my system and use my old components for the home rig. I'll be ditching my setup except for the case, h80i cooler, ram, disk drive.

I want to game 1080p high-ultra, pshop, and some video editing. I just bought a Asus 7850 which I intended to use with the a10. I'd like to try an Intel rig this time around, and I plan to overclock.

I need suggestions on cpu, psu(modular), mobo, ssd/hdd. I have a 500$ budget. If possible as future proof as possible.

Current specs
CPU: AMD a10 5800k oc 4.4ghz
Mobo: MSI FM2-A75MA-E35
Ram: G.Skill Ares 2x 4gb 1866 oc
PSU: Corsair cx430
HDD: 500gb WD Caviar Blue
Cooler: Corsair h80i

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  1. Best answer
  2. I like the cpu/mobo

    but I'd like more storage. I was thinking about trying out this Seagate SSHD hybrid

    and dont have any experience with OCz psu. Anyone want to chime in on quality compared to Corsair. I know my little cx430 can push over what its rated.
  3. Not much better than normal HDD
  4. OCZ, Corsair, and Seasonic are some of the best PSU manufacturers and you are going to reuse your current HDD so get a 120GB SSD for OS and your most used programs
  5. Thanks for the advice! Any comparable AMD rigs? I'd like to weigh all my options. FM2+/AM3+?
  6. Thanks!
  7. No problem, good luck, and if you have any other questions come on back to Tom's
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