MSI Radeon 7870 showing as "Standard VGA Adapter" in Device Manage after installing and updating driver

This is a new system. Built a few hours ago. Everything is running fine, including all drivers, except for the graphics card (and the driver). Output is working, fans are working, good airflow. After installing various versions of AMD Catalyst Install Manager/Driver, graphics card is detected, however shows up as "Standard VGA Adapter". Any suggestions?
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  1. And monitor is connected to the card not the motherboard?
  2. Usually this is the sign of a dead GPU, is it new or was it used previously by you?

    Recently had a 270x do the same thing, turned out to be DOA and I had to return it. Also had the same happen with my first GTX 780 Classified, RMA'd.

    And what rolli said. Do that first. :D
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    with new rigs if it an intel mb and cpu. make sure your plugged into the gpu and not into the onboard video port. in the bios make sure the primany display set to peg/pci not auto. if it set to auto the onboard gpu may be the first device. with a new rig you have to install the mb chipset drivers then the gpu drivers. if you did the unkown video drivers are the intel or amd video chipset in the cpu.
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