Should I get ASUS Rampage IV Formula or Black Edition

Hi, I am building my new rig but i could not make up my mind with what motherboard to get. I am building this for gaming and programming only. I already got my ASUS GTX 780 and plan to upgrade it to SLI mode in the future? Overclocking wise, I might push to CPU to 4.7Ghz.
BTW I already got 4X4 2400 RAM to go with the board.
Thanks a million.
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  1. I'd go with the Black Edition. It's a newer motherboard based off of the excellent Rampage IV Extreme (which I have).

    Overclocking will be the same on all platforms (My 3960x hits 4.5Ghz with only minor tweaking) but you have the option to use up to 8 DIMMs on the Rampage IV Extreme / BE whereas the Formula is limited to 32.
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