Asus k56cb vs Sony Vaio fit e

I am buying a new laptop and I can't decide which to choose:
Asus k56cb or Sony Vaio fit e (in some articles it's called Vaio fit 15e).

They have almost same specs.

In my country Asus comes with:
15.6'' Anti-Glare screen
No touch screen
6 gb of DDR3-1600Mhz ram
Intel core i5-3337U
500Gb HDD
Nvidia GeForce GT 740 (2Gb GDDR3 VRAM)
Windows 8 PRO
It costs aroud 695 Eur

Sony comes with:
15.5 screen
No touch screen
8 gb of DDR3 1600Mhz ram
Intel core i5-3337U
1000Gb of HDD
Nvidia GeForce GT 740 (1Gb DDR3 VRAM)
Windows 8 PRO
It costs around 753 Eur

With a new laptop I would like to use Adobe After Effects, and play some games (like minecraft)

Is it worth paying 60 Eur more for Sony?
Which is better brand Asus or Sony?
Which laptop would last for more years (mine is 8 years old now and still working quite fine)?
Isn't this Sony overpriced?
Is 1Gb of GPU vram enough if I'm not going to use 2 screens?
Any suggestions between 590 and 760 Eur?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. they are identical except for the ram and hdd capacity. that's not worth 60euros. you can get away with the 4gb (1x4gb version of the asus and add another dim yourself).

    with that said, if you like the design of the vaio better that would be worth the 60 euros.

    the gpu on both of them is quite weak it will do a bit of gaming but not a lot. ultraportables and gaming dont go well together.

    p.s. i have an asus like the above and i like it. (granted i did add an ssd instead of the normal hdd and got 4 gb ram compared to the standard 1x4gb)
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