Best Samsung SSD for Gateway NV59C Laptop ?

I'm kind of stuck in deciding between 250GB 840 EVO Series and 120GB 840 Pro Series. I'm looking for the suggestion.
I'm a DevOps guy so I spin up few VM's and spin down and spin up a few and work with them so I do this all day. I have lost patience working so I am planning to upgrade with SSD. And I work on Linux.
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  1. I think this link will help you determine :
  2. thanks man ! I'm going for EVO !
  3. You are welcome.
  4. lonewolf7 said:
    You are welcome.

    I actually went for EVO 128GB.
  5. Best answer
    Yes both are good PRO/EVO, the only thing that matters is size. If 128GB is sufficient for you go with it, you cant be wrong. Is something bothering you ? You didn't sound that confident !
  6. I felt that I compromised for money but I guess it's far better than 5400 RPM HDD and only 10% slower than the PRO Version.
  7. Technically, maybe its slower than PRO, but in real life situation you wouldn't feel the difference, and when talking about speed its far better than HDD, so there is nothing to worry about. Good luck.
  8. Hmmn yeah ! Thanks man !
  9. Cheers.
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