DDR5 Video Card work on DDR2 Board?

Would Nvidia Geforce gt 630 (ddr5) will be compatible with Gigabyte GBTUACPI (ddr2) motherboards?
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  1. The DDR2 on your motherboard refers to your system memory (RAM). The vram on your graphics card is completely separate, just make sure your motherboard has a x16 PCIE slot on it and that card will work fine.
  2. so if i have x16 PCIE slot on my motherboard i can connect any graphics DDR5?
  3. Yes you can connect any PCIE graphics card, the ddr5 gddr5 etc is graphics memory on the graphics card itself, not your RAM, your mobo DD3 specification is only for RAM.
  4. I had same problem.. my motherboard is ddr2 and i tried Sapphire R7 240 1GB ddr5..didn't work...
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