Radeon 5870 gpu fan 0 RPM on laptop and idle temperature at 67-70 degrees celcius?

Just bought a 3 year old msi GX740 off ebay. Everything seemed to work when I tested it before paying. But when I got home, I downloaded speedfan and realised that my gpu was 69 degrees celcius when IDLE, and the gpu fan speed was 0 rpm. Monitored it for about 2 hours more, still around that range. CPU is around 50-55 degrees celcius when idle, quite healthy to me. No parts of the exterior of the laptop feels hot but speed fan says it's 70 degrees! My friend says it's because laptop gpus and cpus are cooled by one fan, so speed fan thinks there is no gpu fan/ the fan is not spinning. Is that true? Kinda make sense because speedfan is not showing my other fans either, it just shows "GPU Fan:0 RPM". Can anyone send me a disassembly guide or maybe even a video tutorial to fixing the same problem? I cannot find a disassembly guide for this exact laptop model. I have never dissembled a laptop but I'm kinda broke right now and would like to not bring it to the repair shop...

Specs are:
msi GX740
Windows 7(just reformatted)
4GB Ram
ATI Radeon HD5870

Thanks in advance
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