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I've spent alot of time researching parts and I am happy on how my computer will perform. I am wondering if everything will work together and will be simple to assemble. What I mean is will the psu be enough and is it off good quality ? I really want the building process to be as easy as possible because it's my first build. What precautions should I take before I build and wht can go wrong when building?

Here is my build:

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  1. Only things I'd change:

    graphics card: - better for the same price (Ghz edition)
    memory: - you want 2 sticks totaling 4GB, instead of 1, for dual channel
    motherboard: - I'd spend a couple more bucks on a mobo with more features (more PCI-E, more SATA 6Gb/s), but that's just my 2 cents :)

    PSU is plenty and decent budget unit.
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