Is this laptop computer good for gaming?

I am looking at a Toshiba laptop which is on sale for $700 for my 13 year old. He plays games like Civ5 and such. This computer has an i7-3530QM processor with turbo boost 2.0. It has 12GB ram and 1TB hard drive. The link for the page since I am unsure of what other specs would be important. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am a bit out of my league here.
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  1. If its for gaming you want to get something with a dedicated gpu, maybe something like this Satellite P50-ABT3G22
  2. Civ 5 would barely make it at the lowest settings on that Toshiba laptop
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    Here's a search on Newegg for dedicated GPU laptops. $700 is on the low end so it won't get you much. You do not need a 1TB drive unless your son plans to take 1080p videos or have a high-end camera that takes raw or jpeg fine pictures.,R,N,1
  4. u should probably mention preferable online sites from where u will be buying
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