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Will a pcie 3.0 graphics card work in a 2.0 slot?

So I have a Asus Sabertooth x58 as my motherboard and my graphics card is MSI nvidia Geforce GTX 260 1BG. I was thinking of upgrading my graphics card to a GTX 760 for a better gaming experience but then I noticed that my motherboard only has a pcie 2.0 slots and the graphics card requires a pcie 3.0 slot. So if I get the the new graphics card will there be any major performance drops? I really wouldn't want to buy a new motherboard either.
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  1. It works in the 2.0 slot and you won't see performance drop.
  2. yes the card will work
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    You will experience a huge upgrade from your old graphics card. PCI-E 3.0 only offers more bandwidth but in real world use like games you won't notice a difference. PCI-E 3.0 isn't fully utilized yet so you'll be fine. I hope this helps! Best of luck.
  4. Not trying to be a jerk or troll, but you should use the search feature or a google search first.
    This and its reciprocal(Will a 2.0 card work in 3.0 slot?) are the most commonly asked questions in the graphics forum.
  5. Thanks to all of you! You guys have really been a lot of help. THANKS! :)
  6. You're welcome.
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