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my sister is building a new two-story house (which measures 50 feet long by 30 feet wide) and wants to make sure that it is capable of networking her family’s three computers together. She and her husband are both consultants and work out of their home in the evenings and a few days a month (each has a separate office with a computer, plus a laptop from the office that they occasionally use). The kids also have a computer in their playroom. What is the best options for networking their home:
a. Wire the two offices and playroom with Ethernet cat 5e cable and put in a 100Base-T switch for $40
b. Install one Wi-Fi access point ($85) and put Wi-Fi cards in the three computers for $50 each (their laptops already have Wi-Fi)?
c. Any combination of t?
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  1. Since this is apparently a new build, I'd suggest running Cat5e or Cat6a to every room. 2 drops each. Just as easy to run 2 wires as to run 1.
    Far easier to do it while under construction, than to do it later.

    Run everything to a central location. A closet, maybe. That can hold a switch and patch panel. Get a 10/100/1000 switch rather than just a 100.

    You'll also need WiFi coverage for tablets, etc.
    Identify where you want the central router/WiFi spot. Do not put this in the basement. Have it on the first floor, somewhere central.
  2. Amped RTA15 High Power 700mW Dual Band AC Wi-Fi Router.
    Amped APA20 Dual Band AC AP's in each room
    Not cheap but worth it.
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    I have had good experience using Linksys (Cisco) Powerline equipment for getting ethernet ports to various points in the house.
    There are a variety of different options, and it has been 100% reliable.

    If they can wire the house that would be even better.
    But in the end, most people want wireless to handle all their mobile gadgets.
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