How to remove AVG Safe Search?

Downloaded new version of Java and got this extension. Deleted the program, cleaned up the registry, removed it from start up in msconfig and did a search for anything with AVG. Program keeps opening. Where else can I look.
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  1. Thanks but the link didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I have deleted the AVG program, both with CCleaner and Windows remove program function, cleared the registry and did a search for any AVG on the computer. Found a few random AVG files and removed them. AVG safe search still comes up as one of the home peges in addition to the two google home pages that come up. Checked the home page setting and only the google home page is listed. Any thoughts?
  2. Figured it out. VERY surprised no one here knew the answer. To delete AVG Safe Search, it comes as a home page, go to your home page menu, select Settings, go to On Start Up and select "Open a specific page or set of pages, then Set pages" There you can see what home pages open, in my case both Google and AVG were set to open on start up, and delete the AVG page. This can not be done in "msconfig", CCleaner or Windows "remove program" function. I got the covert program when up dating Java and didn't see the AVG add on until too late. This program was installed on one computer but went to all computers on the home network. Hope this helps others with the same or similar problem.
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