New Power supply and Graphics card PC turns on then off instantly.

My computer turns on then off instantly after I installed I new graphics card and Power supply I need help. I believe everything is plugged in correctly, after taking out the graphics card the PC still won't start the power supply is a 750 Watt smart Thermal take, It should be more then enough to run my system, and the card is a GTX 780. I am new to putting together PC's so it's possible I missed a plug please suggest a possible plug I missed and what the issue could be thanks.
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    Make sure card is seated correctly , and that the PCIE power cables are fully plugged into the card.
  2. Are both of your motherboard power connections plugged in.
  3. Specs?
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    AMD FX 6120
    1 TB harddrive
    10 GB DDR3 Ram
    The new stuff is
    750 Watt Thermaltake smart powersupply
    GTX 780 Ti
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Are both of your motherboard power connections plugged in.

    The big one and the 4 pin one are both plugged in and the Graphics card I believe was seated properly and both plugs were plugged in since it was powering up.
  6. i am having this problem and did u fix the problem if so what was it i need some help
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