Need advice on monitor size/resolution for gaming pc.

Purchased a 24" LED monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. After looking at it more closely, I am wondering if it is too big for my son who would be sitting about 18" from it when using it. Wondering if I should have gone with something in the 18"-20" range though most of these are more like 1600x900 resolution. If I went with a smaller monitor with a 1600x900 resolution, would it be significantly inferior to I already purchased? This will be an xmas gift so at this point he hasn't used it. What is killing me is a scored a really good price on the 24" but returning it would be a pain in the a**.
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  1. I should add he is going from an 11" laptop so even an 18" monitor would be a huge step up.
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    When I game with my 24" Dell 1920x1200 I'm only 18" away. I think he'll be fine. I pull the monitor 6" towards me when I take a gaming break.
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