Will this PC be compatible and work ?


I'm ready buy all of the parts I need for build a new PC from for christmas, but I don't know if they will fit together (I've done some research, but I cant find the detail's on the site).
Please can you guys help me see if they fit together ?

Here are the parts : (also, the case is a phantom 820, and I haven't included SSD's or HDD's because I definitely know they'll work, or the OS because I definitely know that W7 Ultimate works with this setup)

GTX 780Ti with IChill
Kingston HyperX 1866MHz 8x8 64 GB
Asus Rampage IV Black Edition
Intel 4930K 3.4GHz OEM
NZXT Hale 1000W Power Supply (I don't know if it has all the connectors, etc, ready)

Please can you tell me if these part's fit together correctly ? And, if you do need to know I have 3 HDD's from WD and 2 kingston HyperX SSD's.
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    Every thing looks good but is that motherboard a x79 chipset socket 2011 and the powersupply should have all the connectors but 5 HDD's is something to think about but it should have enough connectors
  2. thanks :D, I took a closer look at the PSU and it does have all the connector's I would need
  3. yep and you got a good gaming rig have fun
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