After changing processor computer doesn't turn on at all.

Hello, I just tried to change my processor from AMD E2-3000M to AMD A8-4500M but after changing it the computer doesn't turn on. I press the power up button but it just light up and out and nothing happens at all, no sounds, nothing... The socket type is the same FS1. Just don't know where is the problem. Laptop is HP Pavilion g6-1325sa. I hope you guys can help me here.
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  1. Sounds like you might need a BIOS update to support that CPU.

    Switch back to the old processor and see if it powers up and do a BIOS update.
  2. Hey just did everything as you said, but the problem is still them same. The bios update didn't helped
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    Just because the CPU's are the same socket type does not mean that the laptop will accept a different CPU. Some laptops have the BIOS locked to the CPU that it comes with. For one laptops are built for a specific CPU watt rating and there for can't dissipate more than what they are built for locking out some options that Desktops have. But from what I could find they both have a 35watt TDP so it may just be that the BIOS is locked for the CPU that it came with.

    In short you might be stuck with the CPU that your laptop came with sorry.
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