Asus Sabertooth Z77 vs P8Z77-V LE Plus

Hy, I was wondering, was it worth it to buy the Sabertooth Z77 ( for 200e, and get a 5 year warranty, or buy the other one ( for 130e with a 3 year warranty.
I was thinking of going dual Asus GTX 760 (SLI) and an i5-3470. Would the Sabertooth bring a drastical improvement on some fields, worth the price difference?
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  1. If you get the non-K version i5, you even can get the H77 MB, don't get the Sabertooth Z77, you just waste the $$$ for that.
  2. I know I'm a month late jumping in here but I have the P8Z77-V LE PLUS. I hit some budget issues so I only have a gtx 650ti 2gb in there but I've setup to be able to handle sli pn much beffier gpus down the road. I have reliable cpu and gpu overclocks and am very happy with this board. Aesthetically and on many other levels you'd be good to go for the sabertooth. I plan on upgrading my mobo and cpu in a couple of years when broadwell hits but that's just me so I saved my money here and put it towards other components. If you don't plan on upgrading your mobo too soon then the sabertooth would be the nicer board but in terms of day to day gaming I'm not sure how much you'd observe in terms of performance. Anyone else care to negate or confirm? The $70 you would save going le plus could be put towards a couple of 770s in sli and net that would be only $140 net more and that would be where you'd see the biggest gains (2 760s = 450 total vs 2 770s = 660 yielding 210 difference - 70 saved from going le plus nets 140). Also, you could get your single 770 faster with that $70 saved. The 770 over the 760 alone would be your best upgrade compared to the motherboard. 330 (gtx 770)-225 (gtx 760) = 95 -70 (saving from going le plus) would be an immediate +25 cost giving you way more gpu horse power! Something to consider. Plus getting the second 770 later and having THAT in SLI would be killer over the 760s in SLI down the road. Oh, the circles components can put is in! But these are GOOD problems! Have fun with it all!


    Justin S.
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