Cuda core vs. Stream processor

well ive been looking at a gaming pc for a bit and i need to know whats the difference from a cuda core vs. stream processor? i need to know cause i wan tthe best stuff but this has been bothering me not knowing i believe cuda is the best right.
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  1. Either one is a way to get you a device 'like a console' to play PC based games without being 'a PC'. Realistically the actual 'processing' of the game will be done on the Servers (like ONLIVE does) and 'stream' the video feed to your device to display on the screen in front of you. These are BRAND NEW unsupported by anyone else then these makers devices. So the risk is in a year if the sales don't make them 'millions' they will just end the product line and your stuck with a product with no support.

    If your not used to constant driver updates, occassional unexplain BSODs, dealing with Service Packs and updates, having to match system parts to ensure performance doesn't bottleneck anywhere, dusting the inside of a computer out, etc. and so on; then stick to a console. Having a PC requires much more work and maintence, but you have the opportunity to have it the personal way you like as well as use it for more then 'gaming'.
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