Quick question: PWM Splitter vs using all 4pin fan headers

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the best method to connect my six pwm fans to the motherboard. I'll be connecting 3 NF-F12 120mm fans and 3 NF-A14 140mm fans to an Asus Z87 Pro.

Should I use a 3-way pwm splitter to connect the 3 120mm radiator fans and a 2nd pwm splitter for the exhaust and 2 140mm rad fans?

Or should I just connect each one individually to the fan headers on the motherboard? Or use a splitter for the 3 120s and do the rest individually? Or also use a 2-way for the two 140mm rad fans?

My understanding is that the pwm headers draw their power from the psu and therefore put less stress on the motherboard.

What do you guys think? I'll appreciate any feedback, thanks!
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  1. Take a look at this, it's pretty cool....

  2. Yeah I've considered using that 8-way splitter but it just seems unnecessary for my 6 fans. Using that splitter would also limit how in depth I can be in managing the rpm for the 360 rad fans, 280 rad fans, and the exhaust fan. I was thinking about something like this: http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10350/#blank
  3. That would work also. I can see where you would want to control the WC fans different than the case fans, but why would you want to have the fans on 2 radiators run differently, do you have 2 loops?
  4. It will be for one loop only. I was trying to keep the 3 120mm fans separate from 140s since I may want the 140mm fans to run a lower rpm.
  5. Bounti said:
    It will be for one loop only. I was trying to keep the 3 120mm fans separate from 140s since I may want the 140mm fans to run a lower rpm.

    I see what you are getting at here. My thinking is the 140 fans are blowing 140 radiators, then the given area of blade and surface is a wash in the overall air being used, I think 140s run a bit quieter than 120 but I could be wrong. If the 140 ran at the same PWM speed as the 120 the overall temps of the loop would be a bit lower allowing the 120s to run a bit slower thus not as much noise from them. I would feel it would be simpler to just run all the rad fans at the same profile because they are all working on he same loop, but that is just me, I always try to keep it simple.

    What WC set up are you putting together? I have been wanting to set up a CM Glacier with a 240 up top and 280 in front in a ARC Midi R2 case.
  6. Yeah that would be a lot simpler, maybe I could find a 5-way splitter for the rad fans and then connect the exhaust separately from the rest.

    I'm putting together a single loop with a 280mm and 360mm rad inside of a corsair 700D case. I'll be mounting the 3 120s up top and the two 140s in the front. Going to cool the graphics card, cpu, mofset, and possibly the north/south bridge of the motherboard :)
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