Does the EVGA bios version 2.2 (R22) support Ivy Bridge cpus?

I just bought a EVGA P67 SLI motherboard but when i installed my CPU (an Ivy Bridge Xeon) it constantly said error code 55 on the debug display. I've read in multiple places that people who install an ivy bridge the motherboard stops working but when they re-install their sandy bridge it works. Does the R22 bios version support Ivy Bridge or do i just need to get a new motherboard?
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  1. Hello... you should always have the latest BIO's when upgrading CPU's, you must have a recognized CPU installed to upgrade the BIO's, thus people will have a different CPU installed for BIO's Flashing, and then they install their new CPU, now recognized, with the BIO's upgrade. I see Sandybridge only CPU's!
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