how to play need for speed most wanted v 1.2 in full screen mode. Dell Inspiron 15R hybrid graphics amd HD770M mobility Radeon

how can I play need for speed most wanted v 1.2 in full screen mode on my Dell Inspiron 15R SE Laptop with hybrid graphics. Intel HD4000 and, amd HD770M mobility Radeon GPU's.
I have tried using each graphic card separately to see if I can get this game to run in full screen mode including the reg hack for Intel HD4000 cards. Nothing has worked!
I've tried installing and using the Launcher need for speed most wanted game launcher Hack:
and setting the resolution to mine which is 1366 x 768. (ive also tried various other lower resolution settings)
This does not fix my issue.
Ive tried various different AMD HD7730M Mobilty Radeon and Intel HD4000 drivers including beta versions
and Microsoft own drivers through windows update. none of this helped either.
Ive more of less tried everything I know of to try to fix this problem im having, with no luck.
Can anyone help me to fix this issue ?

any help appreciated.
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  1. Thought id update my post ive actualy found a fix that works.
    eint that just typical after posting for help ^^

    I found it on this web site :

    i downloaded Need For Speed: Most Wanted Windower

    and changed the included settings.ini
    to my needed specifications which are :






    (These settings are found at the bottom of the included settings.ini file)
    After i changed these and created a shortcut of the Loader.exe onto my desktop.
    after clicking on the loader.exe my PC Game need for speed most wanted v1.2 now plays in full screen mode (Sorted!)

    All kudos to Wiccan creator of this tool. good work!
    I hope others benefit from this like i have.
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