assus gtx770supports directx 11.1 or .11.2 ?

Good Afternoon,

I am going to buy a ASUS GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 and I would like to ask you if it supports directx 11.1 or 11.2. In many websites and eshops, shows ASUS GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 supporting directx 11.1 but at the oficially website only direct x 11.
I would appreciate it if you could help me.

Thanks in advance!
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    After much research, I think that it supports directx 11.2 and since 11.2 is backwards compatible, it also supports 11.1. I can't be exactly sure as I am not a store rep and do not own the card, but this is what I have been able to find :-)
  2. thanks for your reply but I still wonder why at assus oficially website show gtx 770 compatible with directx 11 and gtx 760 with directx 11.1. Anyway thanks again for your time!
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