Cpu liquid cooling system low Db fan choice and need real HELP for cooling system

Hi i build a new system at the weekend and im trying to make it less louder. I have a really big problem with my case fans (case is Thermaltake armor+) case fans are very loud. i want to change them but i really do not have enough information about which rpm whould be better. Also im going to buy XSPC Raystorm AX360 Universal CPU Water Cooling Kit w/ D5 Photon and additional RAM kit. but i do not know which fan whould be better for that kit.
gtx 780ti
intel 4770k
gskill ripjawx 2x8gb cl9
aurum pro 1000w

also i couldnt control my fans with speedfan.

if any help i will be really happy.

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  1. Fan noise comes mainly from running at high rpm's.
    You can attach your fans to a speed controller unit which will reduce the voltage and make the fans run slower.
    Or... a less expensive approach would be to use a zalman fanmate for each fan.
    I find a constantly changing noise to be more annoying than a constant drone.

    If you want quiet, liquid cooling is probably not the way to go.
    Liquid cooling is really air cooling, it just puts the heat exchange in a different place.
    The orientation of the radiator will cause a problem.
    If you orient it to take in cool air from the outside, you will cool the cpu better, but the hot air then circulates inside the case heating up the graphics card and motherboard.
    If you orient it to exhaust(which I think is better) , then your cpu cooling will be less effective because it uses pre heated case air.
    And... I have read too many tales of woe when a liquid cooler leaks.

    My suggestion is to use a top end air cooler like a noctua NH-D14 or phanteks.
    The 140mm fans are quiet, and can be made even quieter.

    CPU air cooling is entirely adequate for a reasonable overclock. The extra 0.2 overclock that you might get does not seem much worth it, particularly at the expense of more noise.

    Your GTX780ti is a reasonably quiet card and does not run nearly as hot as the new R9 cards.
    Even so, today's graphics cards and cpu chips are quite tolerant of higher temperatures.

    Spend your money elsewhere.
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