eXtreme Power Supply Calculator accurate?
I have a Corsair CX 500 and i am looking to upgrade to a msi gtx 770 lightning. I put everything in the calculator and it only came out to about 411 watts, and to me this seems way to less. I was just wondering if the calculator is accurate and my psu could really handle a gtx 770.

8gb ddr3 1600 MHz ram
msi gtx 770 lightning
120gb ssd
1tb hdd
2 80mm led fans
asrock h77m mobo
coolermaster hyper 212 evo cpu fan
corsair cx 500
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  1. You need to keep in mind as well that the Lightning card is a overclocked card. So it wont be your typical GTX770 it will use a little more power. For me personally I would spend a little more on the power supply but that is up to you sir.

    Here is the link so you can see the max power of a normal gtx770 230 Watts

    I would say something in the 650 range would be a nice sweet spot.
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    I know that measured from the wall my 3570k with a 670 pulls about 310 watts (As measured with a Watts-Up-Pro) The PSU calculator is probably over estimating by a pretty good margin. Most single GPU machines these days will run fine on a good quality 500 watt PSU.
  3. A calculator is perfectly accurate...
    The problem is that some of the inputs are unknowable. eg: capacitor ageing factor.
    A decent rule of thumb would ask for a 575w psu for a GTX770.
    It will require a 8 and a 6 pin pcie connector.
    Since your cx500 has two 6+2 connectors, I would be inclined to try it.
    If you encounter any artifacts or other problems, then change out the psu. Damage is not likely.
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