C drive total files and folders (including hidden) used doesn't match with c drive data used on c drive properties

I have 46.2 GB of total of C drive space, total files and folders (including hidden) amounts to 18.7GB, no page file on c drive, no system restore point, no hibernation files.

still missing 17GB approx. Any suggestion how to find the missing space

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  1. did u Installed a Clean OS? did u format the C drive fully before installing OS
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    sorry, I was a little confused about what your total drive size is. The actual amount of space on a drive is a little less than reported to start with. for example, a brand-new 120GB hard drive with nothing on it actually has a bit less than 120GB. all manufacturers do that. that accounts for a few GB. but I couldn't tell if you were saying you had 42GB occupied or only 18GB.
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