Reboot Loop after Ai suite 3

Hi guys! So i need a little help here....

So after installing Ai suite 3 (a software that comes with the asus maximus vi gene mobo), I pressed the "start optomize" button or something like that and then it loaded for a little and then asked to reboot the pc for it to function. So it did, but then my pc crashed, and landed me into and infinite restart, crash, pc repair, and restart again cycle. What should I do???? I'm really stuck. Help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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    Power down the board and clear CMOS. Then power it up again. Tht should clear the overclock preset AI suite applied. The issue is that the Haswell CPUs are all over the place for voltage requirements when overclocked, so the profiles don't work for everyone - if you have a CPU that needs lots of voltage, the profile Vcore will be too low. Not much we can do about that, as it would screw things for the better samples out there.

    It's quite easy to configure an OC manually if you want to go that route.
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