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So basically I have these USB ports at the front of my computer and whenever i plug anything into them they dont work so i checked the motherboard and the cable leading from the ports isn't plugged in. Ive taken pictures of it all and im not sure where to plug it in if i can even do that...

can you guys help please? Its such a inconvenience.


Many thanks,
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  1. Are the cables from the USB header plugged into the correct part of the motherboard?
  2. the graphics card covers the motherboard connectors from the look of it...

    they should be on the bottom right of the motherboard.
  3. Hmm i cant see anywhere obvious to me but can you?

    Heres another picture.

    Im not that great with computers and all that but i thought id ask you guys to see if i can get this working.

    Many thanks,
  4. At the bottom of that picture you have 3 blue USB connectors. Underneath them is written USB910, USB78 and USB56.
    Those are at the very bottom of your motherboard and that is where you need to plug the cable from the front USB panel into.
    Please try this and let us know if it's working okay:)
  5. It doesn't matter which of the USB headers you plug into. They will all work:)
  6. I tried that but it dosnt fit in those usb headers...


    The USB header is too small for this other connection and it dosnt seem to fit?
  7. plug it so it covers perfectly the leftmost pins on the mb, "usb910". i think...
  8. Are you SURE that the plug you are holding in the picture is coming out of the USB ports on the front of your case?
    I have never seen a plug like that in a computer and what i said before are definitely the internal USB headers.
    What is the name of your computer case?
    Give me the make and model and i'll try and look up some information on it.
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    I looked up some information and it looks like you will need an adapter like this

    I don't know what country your in but one can be purchased here

    if you tell me what country you are in i will have a look and try and find one for you in your country:)
  10. Thanks for all your help jay2577.

    It seems that this is what i need and ive ordered one there now so hopefully it will be here soon.

    Thanks so much!
  11. No problem:)
    Enjoy your new computer:)
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