Just got the GTX 670, stuttering problem in essentially every game, also grey lines going across screen.

Current gaming setup
965 ii x4 black edition
asus gtx 670
750w corsair psu
8g ddr3 ram

So, ive upgraded from the nvidia 240 to the gtx 670 and i am experiencing weird stuttering with 95% of the games I play

Assassins creed black flag=unplayable, game skips around.
Rome total war 2, somewhat unplayable, zooming in reveals the troops move and freeze every 3 or so seconds
State of decay, practically teleporting around it stutters so badly.
I took my computer to a tech and he installed new drivers and said nothing was wrong with the graphics card and that I was just having some optimization issues but I doubt it would cause problems on this many games.

Anybody know a fix for this problem or can identify whats wrong?
Could a cpu bottleneck cause stuttering?
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  1. is your gpu overclocked if so lower the overclock, try lowering vram clock, make sure to disable igpu in bios
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