Uninstalling AMD Display Drivers for new Nvidia Card

I just built myself a brand new PC, and after installing all of the AMD drivers for all of my AMD components (FX-6350 and R9 280X) my GPU failed me and I'm going to send it back for a refund. Now I'm going to be getting a Gigabyte GTX 770 and want to know how I should properly uninstall only the drivers associated with my AMD graphics card so it all goes smoothly with my new Nvidia card. If anyone could help me out so I get all of the stuff out I don't need without removing anything I need, such as the AMD chipset drivers. Thanks! Just a heads up, since the card is dead I no longer have a working GPU, so I need to use the Nvidia card to actually see what's going on since I don't have integrated graphics of any sort, will that cause any issues? if so I could borrow my friend's 7870 if that might help, but if I don't have to do that it would save a ton of time and effort.

Also on a side note, to anyone who has used NCIX before: I am going to RMA my AMD card from their site, and I accidentally selected a replacement option the first time, so I went back and changed it later to refund. However I am not sure if both of those RMA requests were sent, or any of them because I got no confirmation. I was going to call them tomorrow when they are open to get it all sorted out, but do you think there will be any issues in getting my RMA to refund? Thanks
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    you can use driver sweeper from guru3d to clean uninstall your amd graphic card driver..
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