Will there be any bottle necking if I SLI GTX 770?

Current System Specs:

-Core i7 4770K
-8 GB DDR3
-MSI G45 Motherboard

Have no overclocking done.

Wanting to get another 770 and ofcourse getting a 850 watt psu with 70 amps on 12v rail.
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  1. All systems will be constrained by its least performing component and this is, by definition, a bottleneck.

    However; the system that you have spec'd out will give you a very high performance return on a second 770.
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    No bottlenecks per say but what monitor resolution are you running? If it is just one 1080p display I am not really sure a SLI setup will gain you much.
  3. Currently have a 24 inch asus monitor 1920 x 1080, im going to upgrade to a 27inch with higher resolution, or go with a 3 monitor setup.
  4. I have the ms-i thermaltake case and im wanting to get the h100 to cool it but I would have to cut a hole in the top and mount it on the outside, since theres no room inside case.
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