Considering dual monitor setup help greatly appreciated

Ok so my build is still sorta fresh and I have def caught the bug. I am now considering going with a dual monitor setup. That's my build ..... I still have time for the evga trade up and am wondering what I should do , or my best route to adding a second monitor . Do I upgrade my GPU, do I just sli what I have , or am I fine with just the 1 I have . Thanks for any advice hints or tips , it is greatly appreciated and check out my build if you have time .... Thinking of going with a corsair h100i CPU cooler and def want some sleeved cables in the near future .... Again thanks for any suggestions Mikeelle
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More about dual monitor setup greatly appreciated
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    You don't need to upgrade your GPU, as it can already run up to 3 monitors. You are good to go with dual monitors :)
  2. Tyvm greatly appreciated
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