2-way SLI for EVGA GTX 560 Ti or a new card altogether?

Currently I have a 560 Ti (Yes it is almost 3 years old, but it works amazingly) and I was wondering if I should replace my graphics card with a newer model or just get another 560 Ti and use them both in SLI, but I have heard that when using two cards in SLI it can get a little buggy or something along those lines. So basically I want to know if I should:

A. Wait for the 800 or get a R9 2xx
B. Get a newer graphics card already out on the market
C. Get another 560 Ti and use SLI

With 560 Ti's at around $70-90 used, it would be a lot cheaper than buying a new card so please take that into consideration before answering :)

I plan on playing semi-graphic intense games at 1080p such as:
BF4 & 3
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Watch Dogs
Batman: Arkham City

Minecraft (I know this game doesn't seem very resource intensive but I plan to throw very high res resource packs and shaders at it)

Now most of these games would/do run fine with my current setup, but I am starting to notice how much my GPU is falling behind on some later/future releases, so I am deciding to get ahead of the game now so I won't have to worry about it later.

I also plan on doing some 3D and Video Rendering if that matters at all

To anyone that wants to know my build specs or think that it will help them give me a better answer here they are:

CPU: Intel i5-3570K @ 3.4 GHz
Primary HDD: 250GB HDD
Secondary HDD: 1TB HDD
Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Pro 3
PSU: Corsair GS700
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    You can NOT do SLI with AsRock PRO 3 mobo. It do only support CF not SLI.

    So you need new mobo to go for SLI build. Still other thing is PSU. GS 700 corsair is not best one to do SLi.
    Not really a good PSU. So best choice is buy new faster card.

    Look for GTX 770 / 780. Or R9 280X or better r9 290.
    If you want to wait new 800 to come out. Thats fine. Maybe best buy for now is R9 280X or GTX 770 4GB.
    R9 290 is coming soon with better coolers. (maybe)
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