Graphics Card Intermittent Bootup Problem

I recently upgraded my Graphics card from an AMD 7850 to a 7970.

However, bootup is intermittent and i need to reboot multiple times, anywhere between 2-3 times to sitting in front of my computer trying things for hours.

My other graphics card works fine as soon as i plug it in.
I have updated my BIOS to the most recent one.
I've changed my BIOS settings to run from PEG.

My PC setup is:
CPU: AMD FX-6300
Cpu Cooler - Antec Kuhler H20 620
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA 970A - UD3
RAM - 8 Gb G. Skill Ripjaws X
SSD - G.Skill 120 Gb
PSU - Corsair CX750M (750W)

Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?
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    okay, try to reseat your graphic card..
    and make sure all power cable plugged tight and perfectly..

    if your old graphic card have no issue, then there are 2 probabilities..
    you have fail powersupply..
    or your new graphic card is fail..

    Corsair CX750M is more than enough to handle single 7970..then well, it's your graphic card..
    I suggest to rma it..
  2. yeah, that's what i figured. too bad it's out of stock on amazon. oh well i'll figure it out. thanks quaddro
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