Just added new HDD to my laptop, having access issues.

So, I have an older mac, that doesn't work anymore, however I want the contents from it, so I took the 250GB hard drive out of the mac, and put it in the second hard drive slot in my newer Clevo W150ER. This hard drive isn't something I want to boot off of, and I don't even think I can boot off of it, since it has Mac OS X and I don't know if my hardware is compatible with it. Anyway, can I some how access the files on it so I can pull them off and bring them onto my newer laptop? thanks a lot.

Current laptop specs:
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    This free Windows utility can read the Mac filesystem

    It uses it's own UI, so you won't be able to browse the Mac system through Windows explorer. It also requires Java to run. Install then go into the menu and select "Load Filesystem from Device" If it shows multiple partitions it may be partition 2 you need. Then browse to the files/folders you want and Extract to a destination of your choosing
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