Looking for a windowed green led case

A budget case with those specs preferably. Anyone?
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  1. budget is subjective, to some, 100$ is perfectly "budget" to others, thats costly.

    also a recomendation on LED's, if you want green LED's, order them seperately rather than built into the case. Green LED's are moderately uncommon and tend to be on not so great cases.
  2. Is it easy changing leds on cases? Budget to me is closet to 0$ the better
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    you have the option of buying LED strips or LED fans.

    Cases: Here's a filtered list of cases between 25-75$ that are windowed
    Window recommendations are at the various pricepoints examples:
    ~50$ NZXT Source 210 Windowed
    ~80$ Fractal Arc Midi R2(occasionally goes on sale, not atm)

    Examples of 120mm Green LED fans

    LED Strips:
    Green LED strips
    The most cost effective one IMO being the NZXT CB LED strip
  4. Hm this maynot be green. But it has a side window and looks nice!
  5. You're definitely not going to find one from a quality brand like Corsair or NZXT. There's Xion but their cases are so poorly made that I would definitely hesitate to recommend them. You can always get a USB light strip like the NZXT Hue:
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