Need help upgrading older pc.

Hello everyone. I've been on the site some, first time poster.

I've tried to do some research myself but I get a bit overwhelmed. I want to upgrade my wife's computer for Christmas, but I want to upgrade the computer beforehand. Her current one barely plays Torchlight 2, while the one I want to give her can run more things, they are only the lowest setting and will still bog down on things like Rift.

Here is an image of its specs when I built it several years ago. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciate. I am trying to still in the $200 to $300 price range but honestly I don't know which is the most important to upgrade, the video cam, processor, etc.

Thanks for any and all replies!
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    Best thing would be to upgrade CPU, motherboard, memory, and video card
  2. Which is basically the entire computer. For the $200 to $300 listed, which specific components would you replace with what specific components?
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