Enermax T-40 Cluster CPU Air Cooler vs Noctua NH-U9B SE2 CPU Heat Sink With Dual Noctua Fans

I have FX-8350 and trying to get a cooler for it. I came down to Noctua NH-U9B SE2 and Enermax T-40 Cluster. which one is better. Noctua cost few bucks more. is it worth extra bucks?
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    The Noctua is better! The Enermax is in class with CM Hyper 212 EVO and therefore to expensive!
  2. I'm with rolli the noctua is the better of the two and is a top notch cooler
  3. If you're going to get the ETS-T40, get the ETS-T40-TB variant. It's the bare-bones variant, without any of the frills, and at worst will probably run just a couple degrees less in terms of thermal performance. I have yet to see any definitive comparisons, but I can't really justify an extra $20 cost for just a couple degrees. $30 is a really good price for a cooler of that quality.

    Either way, the Enermax will probably edge out in terms of absolute thermal performance. Noctua is known for the quality of their products, but Enermax isn't a slouch either. Enermax also has the size going for it.

    Some other coolers to look at are the Thermalright True Spirit 140, and the Phanteks PH-TC12DX. Both are around the $50 range, and would probably be better performers.
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