HAF 912 Troubleshooting problem

I'm here because I can't figure out why my HAF 912's Power Indicator, (THe red LED one on the front) Is on whilst the whole computer is OFF.

Okay, when the PSU switch is off, everything is off, but as soon as I flip the PSU switch to on, the power indicator light comes on (Even with the Computer off)

Beforehand, when the computer was working, I took out the DVI cable, and connected it to my 47" HDTV. It worked fine, and the computer ran as usual.
It was when I took out the DVI and tried to put it back on my monitor.
I powered on the Computer, and it made five(5) beeping sounds, but no picture showed.
I decided to take apart the whole build and re-assemble it, after I did that, the LED light stays on when there's power to the PSU, and the Computer won't cut on. Did I do something wrong?
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    Hmm, seems i've solved my own problem. I inserted the Front panel connectors into the wrong pins, after a quick switch, my PC now powers on ^^..
    This can be locked now, Thanks. :bounce:
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