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I'm reading that windows 7 Retail can be installed infinite times on as many different motherbaords (mobos) as I want as long as only 1 is online at a time. Some say it can only be installed 10 times.
I read that people sometimes try to reinstall Win 7 Retail and get blocked and have to call MS and explain how it's still only being installed on 1 PC at a time and then it gets OKayed as if it's not cheating/stealing.

Is calling MS for the above example the same as the following example which I'm reading is basically stealing?:

Example which I'm reading is basically stealing: (Still only 1 PC at a time/online per key code) installing W 7 OEM on an upgraded mobo and getting the popup to call MS and entering the no-questions-asked codes from MS to get the upgraded mobo to overwrite the past mobo that was supposed to be the only one the OEM could ever be installed on.

I've read Mods on the MS forum suggesting to call in with the RETAIL probalem example, but they say the OEM is for only 1 mobo only no exceptions.

Besides buying the Downloadable version, Is there a cheaper way to not spend $200 to get 7 Retail to install on as many mobos I want (using 1 mobo at a time only) (and if calling in to get Retail to keep installing isn't even cheating/stealing, in which case maybe I should just get the $99 OEM and call in every mobo upgrade)?

I change mobos about once a year.

Maybe I'd be better off buying used mobos that had 7 installed on them and using a Win 7 recovery CD (like $50)? Could that be done infinite times, and would a matching Branded version be needed? Could I just call MS and have them give me a code and it not be like lying/stealing?

I think they'll make windows 9 (or whatever) sooner than expected, so I don't want to waste $200 on W7 Retail and then want the new Windows 9 in like two years. I think they might (and should) take W8 and just make it look and work like W7 but keep the benefits of 8 (faster, more secure, one button reformat, better task manager, etc, etc,) without the GUI etc desktop users rejected 8 and 8.1 for.

If I get W7 retail, I could probably sell it used with the key code if I want W 9 in a few years and not loose much $, but I'm thinking the key code could somehow be used to find info of my account so I'd probably end up just destroying the $200 DVDs and code instead of selling it.

Who's actually going to buy a $99 W7 OEM and keep it on only 1 mobo for like ten years using Win 7? I feel bad for all the people who mistakenly bought OEM thinking they could use it on upgraded mobos and couldn't even return it after the box was opened.

MS should have made the retail version like $150 or maybe $140 without MS support which I personally never needed or even knew existed. They'd also have less people downloading the cracked versions.
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    Get windows 8.1 doesn't have that issue I beleive
  2. ^ you're right, it doesn't. OEM 8 or 8.1 is allowed to be transfered to upgraded mobos.
    Here's a duplicate of this thread with more info:
  3. excellent ralf :)
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